More About Us

The Past

The first trails at TENNEY Mountain were cut in 1959, and until 1964 only  T-bar lifts were in operation. In 1964, the ski area constructed a new Stadeli double chair, which made TENNEY Mountain the largest ski area in the region. This lift was dubbed the "Hornet Double," and began operation on January 10, 1965, along with five new trails that it serviced. In 1970, a second double chair was constructed, built by Heron-Poma. This lift was replaced in 1987 by a Borvig triple chair, called the "Eclipse." This was planned to be followed by a second triple chair, extending from mid-mountain to a higher summit than the Hornet Double served. However, although new trails were cut, a weak real estate market at the time led to the decision not to construct the lift.


Soon thereafter Tenney was purchased by a new owner who renamed the area "Lookout". It was later closed for part of the 1990s, and subsequently reopened under its old name, TENNEY Mountain. In 2002, the ski area was purchased once again. The new owners announced significant investment in, among other things, a new snowmaking system, but were ultimately unable to keep TENNEY open for the long run.

The Present

On November 21, 2014, TENNEY Mountain Development Group bought TENNEY with the firm intention of breathing life into the once cherished, but then dilapidated resort.


The previous owners had left the Mountain in a state of abandon, with its indoor and snowmaking pipes full of water, leading to innumerable bursts throughout the property. Roads were left to erode and wash away and machines, large and small, were destroyed by thieves who stripped them of their metal wiring.

This is where the new Team TENNEY (which includes not only the owners, management, and employees, but also the countless community volunteers that make us so great) really shined! It has been three years of hard work, dedication, resourcefulness, and belief in a vision; Three years of fixing one problem, only to discover another; Three years of fighting an up-hill (up-mountain?) battle... but WE MADE IT!

TENNEY Mountain is proud to say that we opened to the public in February 2018 and we have been adding amenities all the time as the days and weeks progress. The Lodge is open with a brand-new four-season restaurant and bar, "BACKCOUNTRY BAR & GRILL" and the cafeteria will be open for the ski season. After that...

The Future

Team TENNEY has big plans for the future of our beautiful mountain! We understand that our success depends on the happiness and health of the community and environment that surrounds us, and so our focus is not only on bringing the existing mountain features to their full, year-round potential, but also on creating new and exciting projects that will better the community at large.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our plans for the future. We're confident you're going to like them!